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Christmas Presents

The inspiration of this new branch in our non-profit ministry, Mrs. Santa's came from all my children, especially my daughter, Rainey and my son, Tim.  My husband and I are both Pastors.  We started our ministry of service together in the year of 2000. This service has taken many forms over the years from providing food to foodbanks, raising funds to create foodbanks, bringing in semi-trucks filled with food in our surrounding communities, ministering to families that have experienced tragedy & broken homes, provided Christian educational programs & classes for adults and children and a Santa & Mrs. Claus outreach ministry for children and their families.  Basically, providing spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people in our communities.  Both Tim and Rainey chose to follow our path of service.

My son, Tim chose to serve his country by joining the Army National Guard and did two tours to Iraq and Afghanistan.  His mission was to protect and serve.  As a result, from these tours, my son got a very rare cancer from the burn pits during his deployments.  Even in extreme pain, he continued to help others in his community, never once complaining of the pain he was in.  At the end of his battle with EHE cancer, my son still was trying to help others.  Tim was blessed by so many of his “Battle Buddies” coming to him telling him how much of a difference he made in their lives and where he served his country. Tim entered Heaven on April 9, 2019.

My daughter, Rainey grew up watching her Dad and I help our communities and watching her brother, Tim serve our country and give to others while battling cancer.  She started doing “Acts of Kindness” when she was 13 years old by collecting pop cans and cashing them in to help people in her community.  Rainey touched so many lives that people in her community started dropping off pop cans on our front porch to help support her mission.  Now she gets calls monthly from shelters, churches, schools, businesses and non-profits all asking for her help.  Rainey has such a heart and passion for service.  She truly believes that if everyone did one “Act of Kindness” each day we could all make a difference in someone’s life, maybe even change the world!

Both Tim and Rainey observed our Santa & Mrs. Claus ministry and thought this was a great way to plant seeds of the true meaning of Christmas! The idea began to form from a mother/daughter conversation on how we could make a larger impact serving others. Through our conversation Rainey suggested we should name our new division of our non-profit ministry Mrs. Santa's (Mrs. Santa’s Angels National Team Association Support) because Mrs. Santa is the heart of Christmas and has the passion of helping everyone!  We began our research and found out there really was not anything out there to help like-minded women to fellowship, teach, learn, promote social, emotional growth and enrich each other's lives.  And to help and empower children in our communities by bringing a positive change to the lives of children in need.  Spreading love and joy by sharing the true meaning of Christmas everyday of the year.  We discovered our mission and started our new journey together!

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